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Origin: A Love Letter to Craft

Documentary Series

Origin: A Love Letter to Craft - In Development

Driven by an insatiable curiosity, one man embarks on a journey to discover the rich cultural ORIGINS of the worlds finer drinks.

  • Directed by The Lewis Brothers
  • Shot by Phillip Roy
  • Produced by Andrew Lewis, Isaac Lewis, Drew DeGennaro

  • Starring Matt Fisher

The Channel

Feature Film

The Channel - Post Production

When their bank heist goes horribly wrong, two brothers with their motley crew of thieves will stop at nothing to escape a city wide manhunt led by a veteran FBI agent determined to take them down.

  • Directed by William Kaufman
  • Shot by Mark Rutledge
  • Produced by Andrew Lewis, Isaac Lewis, Jon Wroblewski

  • Starring Clayne Crawford, Max Martini, Juliene Joyner, Nicoye Banks

Out More

Music Video

Out More - Music Video

Unhappy with her relationship, ISABELLA explores a small Texas town with a stranger.

  • Directed by Marcella Cytrynowicz
  • Shot by Gus Bendinelli
  • Produced by Isaac Lewis, Andrew Lewis, Grant Wakefield

  • Starring Isabella, Laith Hakeem, James Trawick

There Comes A Knocking

Short Film

There Comes A Knocking - Short Film

There Comes a Knocking is a proof of concept for a feature film by the same name. To learn more about that, watch the BTS found here

  • Directed by Ryan Connolly
  • Shot by Chase Smith
  • Produced by Tim Connolly, Grant Wakefield, Andrew Lewis, Isaac Lewis

  • Starring Stefanie Butler, Brett Davidson, Justin Robinson

Pizza Time

Short Film

Pizza Time - Short Film

A legendary PIZZA delivery driver goes to the right place at the wrong time when he stumbles into the scene of a hitman's contract killing.

  • Directed by Ryan Polly
  • Shot by Daniel Routh
  • Produced by Grant Wakefield, Joe Childress, Isaac Lewis, Andrew Lewis

  • Starring Ben Worley, Eric Jacobus, Orlando Valentino

Thin Line Festival


Thin Line Festival - Promotional

A 70’s Skate Party is the perfect place to showcase what this fantastic Documentary Film and Music Festival has to offer.

  • Directed by The Lewis Brothers
  • Shot by Scott Hilburn
  • Produced by Mindy Arendt, Andrew Lewis, Isaac Lewis

  • Starring La Bell, Sydney Hilburn, Scott Hilburn

Van Jump

Brand Awareness

Van Jump - Brand Awareness

The punk rock team at The Bearded Lady brand would have nothing less than a party on a dirt track and a HIGH-FLYING VAN to showcase the haircut and beard trim experience you can expect at one of their three locations.

  • Directed by The Lewis Brothers
  • Shot by Andrew Lewis
  • Produced by Andrew Lewis, Isaac Lewis, Zack Johnston, Jen Johnston

  • Starring Zack Johnston, Jen Johnston



Oaktopia - Promotional

Oaktopia Music Festival was a gathering of creatives and Musical Talent from all over the country. Matching the FRENETIC STYLE AND HIGH EMOTIONS of the festival for promotional material was always a blast.

  • Directed by The Lewis Brothers
  • Shot by Andrew Lewis
  • Produced by Andrew Lewis, Isaac Lewis, Corey Claytor, Matt Battaglia

  • Starring Corey Claytor, Richie Flo, Isaac Lewis

Art of Music

Brand Awareness

Art of Music - Brand Awareness

Long time Denton music producer Keldrick "Trouble" Scott wanted to showcase what makes his label special. This featurette shows why treating your collaborators like FAMILY is at the core of his success.

  • Directed by Daniel Piatt
  • Shot by Andy Lohrenz
  • Produced by Andrew Lewis, Isaac Lewis, Keldrick Scott, Jamall Anthony, Corey Claytor, Matt Battaglia

  • Starring Keldrick Scott, Fab Deuce, Ritchy Flo, Naomi, Stu Brootal, King Pap